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Toronto Film Festival World Premiere on 10th September 2022

Part of the Toronto Film Festival blurb with release of screening dates from 10th September... "...Allelujah supplies us with a bounty of fascinating characters, from loveable grouches Mary (Dench) and Joe (Bradley) to the handsome and beleaguered young Dr. Valentine (Bally Gill) to the many well-meaning volunteers obsessed with picayune details..."

As Cynthia and Richard (myself and Amanda Root) are the only volunteers - Friends of the Beth - with a few extras it looks like we've collectively made it as a character and multiplied into many.

This was an absolute joy to work on. The cast and crew were fantastic... it was set a couple of miles from where I was brought up... a brilliant script... an important social message... and I get to represent the forgotten many who keep the hospitals afloat.

Thanks to everybody involved - and good luck for the world premiere on 10th September!!!!

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